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Online Fire Safety Training

The current legislation in place dictates that all employees at workplaces must have adequate fire safety training regardless of the size of the facility and number of employees. Our comprehensive and informative online fire awareness course is suitable for all staff and will give your employees the knowledge they need to identify and reduce the risks of fire in the workplace.

Online Syllabus:

Module 1 – Chemistry of Fire
Module 2 – Common causes of fire
Module 3 – Safety features within buildings
Module 4 – Fire extinguishers
Module 5 – What to do if a fire occurs

All of the above modules are followed by a short test and they all must be completed before the course is finished. This guarantees that all of your staff are sufficiently trained and can head back to work with a full understanding of the dangers of fire.

It’s not just about meeting your legal obligations, but ensuring that you and your staff are safe.
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