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Fire Alarm Installation

Choosing the correct method of raising warning in the event of fire is possibly one of the most important choices a person responsible for a premises (and the people within it) will make. The choices of methods ranges from a ‘shout of fire’ to whistles or airhorns, claxons, bells right through to elaborate detection and alarm systems. Firesafe (Fire Safety Management) Consultants Ltd can help you choose which type of method is suitable and sufficient for your premises. Should a system of fire detection and warning be required, we can survey, supply and fit British Standard systems installed by qualified alarm engineers and electricians complete with commissioning certificates.

Existing fire detection and warning systems need to be regularly tested and maintained by a competent person and records of all tests and maintenance kept. Firesafe (Fire Safety Management) Consultants Ltd can provide regular testing and routine maintenance of your fire detection and warning system.