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Education and training

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (Article 21) places a duty and responsibility on the Responsible Person to provide adequate fire safety training to staff. This can cover a multitude of subjects ranging in complexity from basic fire safety awareness, evacuation plans, the chemistry of fire, fire warden/marshal training, types and use of hand held fire extinguishers and much more.

Firesafe (Fire Safety Management) Consultants Ltd provide comprehensive, bespoke training plans to suit all requirements regardless how basic or advanced the requirement is. Training sessions are delivered in a structured way but are by no means ‘death by Power Point’. The sessions are very informative and enjoyable with audience participation encouraged including practical hands on use of fire extinguishers using ‘live’ fire under supervision. Certificates confirming participation in the training sessions are awarded to attendees.

All training is presented by a former London Fire Brigade Senior Officer with 30 years of operational experience enhanced with a host of industry recognised qualifications.

Firesafe (Fire Safety Management) Consultants Ltd. have partnered with The Online Fire Safety Company to provide quality online fire safety courses.